About Me

Before I began blogging on WordPress, I blogged on Xanga under the same username: MyHomeIsWriting. I began blogging in 2005 on Xanga under various different usernames, most of which I no longer remember now. Eventually, I decided I needed a site just for my writings of a literary kind, thus MyHomeIsWriting was born.

What you’ll read here are mostly new pieces, but occasionally revisions of old pieces. When I first began writing as a hobby, I started with poetry. My poems were never any good, and I’m not one for strict adherence to poetry’s rules. My poems are mostly defined by line breaks. These days, I mostly write vignettes or flowery prose. My work is generally depressing, because I really only write when I’m in a miserable state of mind. I just don’t feel the desire to write when I’m content.

A few other things worth knowing: my name is Jen, and I’m twenty-seven. I’ve got numerous “novels” in the works, but I’ve yet to have any real publishing credits (if I ever do). For now, writing is only a hobby. Sometimes I think I’d like to be a published author someday, but I’ve never done anything to make that a reality. Maybe someday.



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